Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spoon... Take 1!

I am so lame. I know that it is time (past time) for Brown to be using a spoon to feed himself. But it is just such a pain to teach him, and SO messy! It's easier to just feed him myself. BUT... that is definitely losing its charm, as well. He and I both are ready for him to take charge of the spoon and eat like a man.

So today, instead of worrying about where he was going to sling food in the kitchen (walls, drawers, floor, me, etc.), I stripped him down and rolled his high chair outside and let him go at it with the spoon. It was great. I don't think we made much progress, BUT... he tried. Kind of. He definitely ate more than normal. He has been getting frustrated so quickly the last couple of weeks that he just hasn't wanted to eat as much. But today, I let him go at it and he ate like he hadn't seen food in a while. So, I guess that's good. And then he splashed around in the tub for a while and got all squeaky clean and everyone was happy.

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ellen said...

It's great! He is soooo cute. And what efficiency in training! Uh, but if you tried that in Minnesota right now, you would've been reported to child protective services. Rub it in about the good weather, why don't you? : )