Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Constant change

Brown got to visit me at work yesterday on his way to Cleveland and even had some leftover lunch – chicken, potatoes and macaroni – plenty of starch so he doesn’t blow away. Someone mentioned that he is babbling up a storm. I thought to myself. Yes but that is normal. At least, it is normal for him now. The more I thought about it, I realized he is talking all the time now. (ok, talking is a stretch, but he is noisy). When did my amazement stop at him speaking? When did it become commonplace for him to imitate our sounds, our dadas, mamas and now farm animal sounds. He crawls like lightning all over the place, pulls up on tables and grabs anything within reach. When did I stop watching his every move? Remember the excitement of the first roll over (see first year summary)? Now he simply swats chairs out of the way as he chases his ball all over the house. The amazing has become normal. This constant ride of growing up is steady, and seemingly slow, but persistent. Persistent especially when you see his infancy slipping away with the calendar despite all you do to grasp it closely. Persistent to those parents who realize that they are about to have a toddler on their hands. Persistent to those of us who realize that try as we might to protect and guide him, there are many bumps and bruises ahead of him.

Speaking of injuries, he did figure out something last night that was both amazing and (mostly) terrifying. He figured out how to work the doorknobs at Nana and Granddad’s house. A whole new set of dangers is now out there. Bathrooms. Laundry rooms. Basements. He can’t yet climb himself up on a chair, but that day is approaching quickly. Prayers are appreciated.

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