Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He's all good

We got the results today from the doc and they said that the results from Brown's EEG were all good. Wahoo! They didn't find anything abnormal (except an unreal amount of cuteness activity in his brain). We thought this would be the case, but we were happy to hear it anyway. Poor Brown looked like a little Mad Scientist when they had him hooked up for the EEG, but he did GREAT! He didn't freak at all and was just pretty chill laying there on the bed with daddy. We read some books to him and he looked around and wondered what in the world we had dragged him into this time. But he was very good, and we were so proud of him. And we are more than happy to put this last week behind us. On to more adventures...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brown is back

Its Saturday night and we took Brown on his first outing in a while to the lake which he loved. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed this AM (sort of weird since his crib is against the wall) and was back asleep about an hour later. He was then up for a long car ride as we ran some errands and then back down for a nap. But evidently he is just catching up on his sleep because after a couple of naps, he was good for the afternoon. He was walking all over the dock, playing and splashing in the lake and charming some lady visitors from Baton Rouge playing hide and seek. All in all, this afternoon we welcomed the old Brown back into our lives and it was a wonderful reunion. He still has some rough edges but he has made remarkable improvement. We have to have an EEG Monday which will be a pain and is unlikely to show anything, but we want to make sure. Unfortunately he has to be somewhat sleep deprived so that will be a fun few hours. But all in all we are super grateful that he has recovered and look forward to the next few days of normalcy.

I wondered as he went through various stages and painful procedures (the seizure, starting the IV, spinal tap, CT etc) if there has ever been a parent who did not wish or pray that they could somehow take on the pain that their child was experiencing. That is, when you see your child in such pain, to be able to switch places with them so that the parent felt the pain rather than the child. That thought went through my mind several times in the past week.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday morning

Brown is about the same. Still has a bit of pain when he tries to crawl or walk therefore he is doing little of either. Other than that, he is in a good mood, eating and sleeping well. Hopefully we will see some improvement later today.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Feel Better, Brownie" Voice Mail

This is the cutest voice mail I have ever heard! My 4 year old niece, Keely, called Brown last night and left a message.

Voicemail You'll Love
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One for the road

They are starting one more infusion of antibiotics to run over a half hour and then we are headed home! Jeanie Jung just came in and gave us the boot so after too much paperwork I am sure, we will be sleeping in our own bed tonight.

Erlanger Jello

Well, I don't know how it has happened, but we have made it to 19months with the Brown without him having any Jello. So to update you, he slept from 11am to 2pm and has been in a reasonably good mood though this is all in comparison. But he has eaten like a moose today and one of the things he zipped through was Jello. He loved it. The first bite was interesting. He couldn't decide if he liked it, but soon he was asking for more-more. So lots of Jello, milk, macaroni and a roll have rounded out his lunch. The word we are getting is that as long as he doesn't have any more seizure activity, he can go home tonight. So that is the tentative plan right now.

Surrounded by Friends

Well, we are at the children's hospital and have been since yesterday evening when we had to make another quick car trip to the ER as Brown was having another febrile seizure. It was longer than the previous two and had to be stopped with some medicines, but after CT scans, spinal tap and some other lab work has come back all normal, it does seem to be simply related to the fever again. He had a terribly irritable night and didn't go to sleep until about 430 am for a few hours during which Chris and I did get a few minutes of sleep. He has been somewhat better today but still super sleepy and fussy. Chris and I have been trading off taking care of him this morning and he has just gone down to sleep again at 11am. So he is sleeping, I think Chris is sleeping and I hope to join them soon. Thanks for all the calls and texts and sorry we won't have time to respond for a while. The pizza last night and the donuts this morning were especially nice. Not sure what will be the plan today as we have to wait and see how he is acting. Thanks to all and continue in prayer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The day in pictures

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, so I pulled the ole camera out yesterday to capture some typical images of our morning.

There are always little milk droplets around the house because he still likes to hurl his bottle across the room after he finishes drinking what he wants. And yes, we are trying to curb this, but so far, no luck.

He still loves playing peek-a-boo around the corner, which I never tire of. And like in the picture below, he'll pretend to be (at least I HOPE he is pretending) shocked when he sees we are still standing there around the corner.

I think he is doing it to entertain us because we almost always laugh.

OK... that's all for the morning routine. We're bushed. Now he's sleepy it's time for him to go down for his morning nap. He is still on the 2 hour nap twice a day. Night, night, sleepy guy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Balls and Lights

Brown loves throwing the ball back and forth (or at least in our general vicinity). He will throw it across the room, giggle with a super high pitch girly scream, and waddle over to pick it up and throw it again. We never let him play with remote controls because he likes to throw them. But last night he picked up the remote the ceiling fan/light and I let him enjoy it for a minute. You could tell he was in heaven.