Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great Grandparents and Cold Camping

Well, we have taken Brown camping before, but this is the first time I feel that we have taken a little boy camping. I mean he can interact. You see the joy in his eyes and hear his laughter as you play with him and he takes it all in. He loved being in the backpack as you can see and he had that grin on the entire time. I had a grin at the beginning, but after walking a bit up and down hills with 28 pounds of boy on my back, it turned into a grimace. But it was a great time. Had a fire, kept brown warm in a little cocoon of quilts and blankets and talked about plans for our next camping trip. The boy loves peak a boo and there was not an end to it on this trip.

Prior to camping we got to take him to see the greatgrandparents (the Browns) in Cookeville which he doesn't get to see as often as we would like. Chris was able to get this great picture of Gaga and him on the swing on the front porch. Wow. The lines, the hands, the concentraction. Generations. Names. Love. Legacy. They closed off their time on the swing with playing on the floor together. How many people are lucky enough to play on the floor with their great grandmother?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brown's whole life in 3 minutes

He can do it... he just doesn't feel like it right now.

Well, even though he does not prove it in this video, the boy can crawl. He's just a little bit lazy. This video was taken about 10 minutes before he fell asleep for his morning nap, so we'll just blame his inactivity to sleepiness. He likes standing and holding on to the couch more than anything these days. He's not cruising or anything like that - just kind of chilling out and looking around. He's very observant like that.

Yesterday we went down to the St. Elmo playground to meet a friend and her 6 month old for a picnic. Oh my goodness, it was so cute. Brown could not stop smiling as he was staring at the little (much smaller than Big Brown) boy on the other side of the blanket. I could see in Brown's eyes how much he wanted to squish him and hold him like a little doll. Bennett crawled over to Brown (Brown was busy just sitting and observing of course - not wanting to burn too many calories) and Brown kept patting him on the head while they both grinned ear to ear. Then Brown would do "the aviator" (where he flaps his arms like he is trying to fly). One time, Brown was so overcome with glee that his eyes kind of rolled back in his head and he had one of the goofiest grins I've ever seen on him. It was pretty stinking cute. We need to do that more often. He loves looking at (and petting) other little kids.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, well I just had to set the record straight. I hate Vegas for many reasons. One, it is easier to stay in town and just throw your money out the window. Second, I hate Vegas because my wife has no control over money there. Ask her what time she left the casino after blowing a wad of money just before we got married. Third - Do I really need a third? - Come on.

As for the crawling, he is using both sides very well thank you and you would have a great video of him crawling across the rug as he did several times today. However. I called Chris in with the camera just as he was getting ready to go on a distance-record setting crawl. I just mentioned that she should not make a sound or he would be distracted. Well folks, he took off with lightening speed prompting Chris to say "good job Brownie" or something of the sort. Anyway, the Brown immediately broke stride and stared at mom, forgetting the rattle prize that awaited him. Must keep focus tomorrow. Well, he still gets the victory throw in the air...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Look, Same Great Brown

October 18, 2008 -

Well... the day has finally come. We are finally shifting over to a "real" blog. This one that we have been using is kind of a pain to update, so we are moving ahead with the rest of the world. It will all be here at this same exact address, so you don't have to do anything differently. We are going to keep the archives of his first 10 months on that old site. You can leave comments, subscribe to RSS feed updates, and I think the videos will work better, too. Who knows what else -we haven't really figured all of that stuff out, yet.

As far as his crawling goes, unless he gets it down pat by tomorrow, Curt has lost his "bet" of Brown crawling by the end of the week. There is a reason that Curt hates Vegas. Brown is still dragging one limp side around with him, so no new video today. Same as the last couple of days. BUT, maybe on this new "real" blog, he'll make his actual crawling debut. Get excited. Now if we can just get him to stop eating the carpet and the fringe on everything, maybe we'll be making some progress. And now, a random video of brown playing with a box. He likes "non" toys much more than real toys these days.