Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning Brown

So mornings around the house have changed, just like every other part of our routine. I usually get up before Brown and Chris, and then get in the shower just as Brown begins to make noise in hopes that the noise of the shower will soothe him for a few more minutes. I don’t have any idea if this has helped one iota but that is that. So this morning I get out of the shower and all is quiet – Chris’ light is out and there are no Brown noises anywhere. But as my eyes slowly adjust, I realize that the Brown is sitting up in our bed and as I move toward him, he reaches up for me without a sound. So of course I snuggle back in bed with his head on my shoulder and catch about 15 more glorious minutes of time in bed with the family. He is just snuggly enough so that when I have to leave, I am able to slip him over to Chris’ shoulder without to much stir as I quickly slip out of the room. Chris later tells me that they had 30 more minutes together in bed before the Brown decided to head downstairs for some scrambled eggs. I just thought I would give this window into one of the sweetest times we have had together.

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