Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food Fights

Brown officially entered training for the world championship in food fights. Though his small size and lack of experience may be hindrances, his backhanded technique has improved to the point where he can hit a wall at 5 paces and he can make his mom beat her head against that same wall in a matter of 30 seconds. The funny thing about his training is that he seems to have fun doing it and we simply do not enjoy it at all. In fact, if you are looking to start a traveling team, please call us. If you call right in the middle of one of his training episodes, we might gladly loan him to you for a while. His crowning achievement this week occurred when he thumped a strawberry from the kitchen bar to the white upholstery on a chair at the table across the room at his Nana’s house. The accuracy, the stain and the complete lack of remorse has earned him a position of food chucker on the varsity food fight team. His final training begins this Sunday as we take him to Harrison Bay for a 2 week mission project (see posts from June/July 08). He is disappointed that there will be no white upholstery to make his mark, though I have assured him he will figure out some way to continue his training.He is being very helpful here by pointing to where he threw the chunk of banana. Such a little helper bee.

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mullethead326 said...

To his credit, though, the volume of food available during that time should more than make up for the lack of damageable targets.