Sunday, June 28, 2009


Brown has taken some HUGE "strides" in his walking over the last week. He is LOVING walking, and does not seem to enjoy crawling nearly as much as he did a couple of weeks ago. He gets really excited and starts walking so fast that he is almost trotting (or stumbling forward) and he raises both of his arms up in the air so that he looks exactly like an orangutan walking. Sometimes, a drunk orangutan.

Well, a couple of days ago he happen to be trotting on some asphalt and tripped and face-planted. Since his arms were up in the air, he had nothing to catch himself with but the tip of his nose. And then he did it again but this time he caught himself with his forehead. Poor guy. He looks AWFUL! We keep trying to hold his hand so he won't do it again, but Mr. Independent likes trying to do it on his own and will sometimes start crying and try to run away when we reach for his hand. Ahhhhh... good times ahead. He obviously hasn't looked at himself in the mirror lately, or he might decide that holding mommy or daddy's hand isn't such a horrible thing after all.

Even though he looks terrible, he's in great spirits and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Poor, gorgeous, determined boy!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Poor little guy! But I guess we all have to go through life's bumps and scrapes in order to learn important things, like walking. He's really growing up, isn't he?