Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lots to learn

Well, the Brown is cruising along these days, making strides (well not literally) and learning new skills each day. Did I mention that he learned how to clap a couple of weeks ago? He had been “clapping” our hands for quite sometime, but could never make the mental leap to understand that his hands would clap as well. But the other day while taking a break from putting corn in his hair, he just started clapping. For several days, he would only clap when sitting down for a meal, but he is so brilliant, he now can clap even when not eating. Is there any other kid on the planet who can clap in multiple settings? I don’t think so.

My grandfather is fond of commenting that Brown has so much to learn. He really does. It is mind boggling to think of all the facts, skills, and maneuvers that he has yet to master. He has yet to walk. He will have to learn to drink out of a cup. He will have to learn to share. Multiplication tables. The stove is hot. Scissors are sharp. People can be mean. Girls are pretty. Girls can break your heart. Cakes taste good. Cakes cost money. Money is important. Money is unimportant. Money is important. ? Swimming. Driving. Cars can be dangerous. Ice is slick. Friends are great. Some friends are for life. Felt board Jesus is not the same as Jesus. How to ride a bike. How to build a kite. Love is important. Warm sun on a early spring day feels great on your face. …. As I reach midlife, I feel like there is so much that I have yet to learn. But my grandfather is right, Brown has a lot to learn. Some of this we can help him with, some he has to get on his own. There is only so much Chris or I can do. Prayer and community are important. I hope you will help us as we try to teach him the important lessons of life. If we can pass on some items that have been valuable to us, we may be able to allow him to avoid some pitfalls that we were unable to avoid. Oh yeah, that is another thing, he has to learn there will be pitfalls and that how we react to these downturns probably says more about our character and who we believe in than during the good times.

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