Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I could go back in time...

... then I would have stopped cutting his hair after the first mistake.

Instead, while he was in the bath and moving around quite a bit, I kept trying to correct my mistakes. Brown's hair seems to be growing at different rates. Therefore, he'll have one area of hair that is super long, and then the rest is normal length. It's like little maverick mullets that keep appearing. So I decided to tackle the problem yesterday. While he was in the bath, I would wait for him to stop splashing and playing, and then I would make my move. Very sudden and quick. Not a lot of calculation going on. I didn't have any blunt scissors... only the super sharp kind with an inevitable ER visit waiting to happen. So I had to be quick because I didn't want to cut him. I figured that his safety was a priority over an actual "good" haircut. Well... after seeing this picture, you might disagree.

Lessons learned:
1.) I will not use these death scissors again, EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT CUT HIM (this time)
2.) I will either buy children's hair cutting scissors or use the shears
3.) I will... sheeesh... I don't know... I just won't do this to him again.

And to answer your question, NO! I have not fixed it. This is still what his hair looks like. Definitely better looking when it's dry, but still... poor guy. Just don't stare at it too long if you happen to see him soon. He doesn't know about this. He thinks I was just playing a game and tickling the back of his head with a sharp, pointy object. He doesn't know I was actually cutting his mullet. So please... no comments to his face. Just let it grow and smile politely if you see him.

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Julie said...

This happened to Zach a lot during his second year of life. It is a hard age for haircuts. Don't will grow back quickly. :)