Thursday, October 23, 2008

He can do it... he just doesn't feel like it right now.

Well, even though he does not prove it in this video, the boy can crawl. He's just a little bit lazy. This video was taken about 10 minutes before he fell asleep for his morning nap, so we'll just blame his inactivity to sleepiness. He likes standing and holding on to the couch more than anything these days. He's not cruising or anything like that - just kind of chilling out and looking around. He's very observant like that.

Yesterday we went down to the St. Elmo playground to meet a friend and her 6 month old for a picnic. Oh my goodness, it was so cute. Brown could not stop smiling as he was staring at the little (much smaller than Big Brown) boy on the other side of the blanket. I could see in Brown's eyes how much he wanted to squish him and hold him like a little doll. Bennett crawled over to Brown (Brown was busy just sitting and observing of course - not wanting to burn too many calories) and Brown kept patting him on the head while they both grinned ear to ear. Then Brown would do "the aviator" (where he flaps his arms like he is trying to fly). One time, Brown was so overcome with glee that his eyes kind of rolled back in his head and he had one of the goofiest grins I've ever seen on him. It was pretty stinking cute. We need to do that more often. He loves looking at (and petting) other little kids.


ellen said...

Welcome to the blogspot world!

Lynné said...

I get the aviator thing now! I didn't really know what you meant when he did that earlier tonight with Abby!

Welcome to blogspot, and by the way, part of your initiation is to come over to my blog and comment like crazy! HA!!

Julie said...

Brown did some great crawling for us on Sunday in the nursery. When he saw a toy he wanted, there was no stopping him! He's a fun little guy. We enjoyed being with him. :)