Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, well I just had to set the record straight. I hate Vegas for many reasons. One, it is easier to stay in town and just throw your money out the window. Second, I hate Vegas because my wife has no control over money there. Ask her what time she left the casino after blowing a wad of money just before we got married. Third - Do I really need a third? - Come on.

As for the crawling, he is using both sides very well thank you and you would have a great video of him crawling across the rug as he did several times today. However. I called Chris in with the camera just as he was getting ready to go on a distance-record setting crawl. I just mentioned that she should not make a sound or he would be distracted. Well folks, he took off with lightening speed prompting Chris to say "good job Brownie" or something of the sort. Anyway, the Brown immediately broke stride and stared at mom, forgetting the rattle prize that awaited him. Must keep focus tomorrow. Well, he still gets the victory throw in the air...

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