Sunday, September 13, 2009


The Brown and Chris are returning today from a trip to Charlottesville to visit with many a friend there. Just in the last year, we have had several friends relocate there, so Chris decided she should mosey on up to UVA town and tell everyone hello. I am sure she will have lots of stories and pictures to post, but I will leave that for when she returns and recovers. But it sounds like Brown has been a champ, dealing with plane flights, new people, disrupted nap schedules and having fun to boot.

Several people have commented that Brown is not a baby anymore but looks like a little boy. As parents, I think we are the last to see our kids growing up, often thinking of them several months (at this stage) or years (teenage years) behind from where their abilities and thinking currently lie. He will be running along (do toddlers ever walk?) and come to a stair. In the past, he usually gets down on all fours and crawls down/up. But now he is just starting to take them in stride. When I seem him do this, I expect a skinned knee. But most of the time, he is negotiating these things well. He has gotten very good with sign language (more, help, milk, food, etc), so much so that it is hard to get him to try to talk. But I am sure that will happen soon enough so that we will soon be fondly remembering the quiet days. But he is no longer and infant.

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Yep, suuuure they do. 38 and counting...