Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Beach!

As any parent knows, seeing your kid really enjoy the beach for the first time is so fun for some reason. I have no idea why. But it is great. As my friend Anna said, you just have to embrace the sand. It is everywhere. And it doesn't bother Brown, so I have to try and not let it bother me. As he ran down the beach (or toddled quickly) yesterday, he wiped out face first several times and ate mouthfuls of sand. It would slow him down for only a minute while he waited me to scoop it out of his mouth with my finger as best I could, and then he would stand up and take off again. I can't figure out how he kept his eyes open with grains of sand hanging off of every eye lash. It looked painful, but again, it didn't bother him, so I tried to let it go. Every bite of food he ate on the beach had at least a tablespoon of sand on it, and again, he didn't care. So I tried not to. It's harder than it sounds.

Destin is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The water is warm, but the air is a perfect 80-85 degrees. Brown is having a great time being led around by his older cousins as they try to teach him the ways of the beach. Digging holes, chasing sea gulls, splashing in the waves, etc. We are having a blast watching him.


ellen said...

Good for you guys! Man, Will would have been all over the little guy with sanitizing wipes - we are working on that! : ) As I always say, eating a little dirt never killed anybody.

AbbyJP said...

He is getting to be such a big boy!!

Geri said...

I love the beach, not so much the sand that gets carried back to the
living area. Brown is such a handsome little man now. I can't wait to hear how he responds to his new role as big brother. Speaking of baby sister...you know we are suffering from acute information deficit. We got pretty spoiled with the play by play updates with Brown. Hope everything is well and we'll see pictures soon! Praying for a peaceful transition for you all.