Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brown has a sister!

Well, Brown is almost 2 years old. Thinking back to the roller coaster ride of 2 winters ago in Utah...from first holding this boy attached to tubes and flying him home to night time preoccupations with fans, clocks, trucks, water...ER in the water...running with the stroller...camping in below freezing weather...diapers in the middle of the night...diapers in the middle of the night while camping in freezing weather... etc. Most parents will have been through many similar experiences which is just all part of raising a child. And though we have had a false start or two, we are about to do it again. As we enter this new phase in our family life, we think back on all the prayers and help that we have received from family and friends and are most grateful. Thank you.

In some ways, we all live at the center of our own little universe. The world in some ways does seem like it should revolve around us. Learning that this is not the case is part of growing up, and stepping into our roles as individuals. Brown is to begin a crash course in this form of study. His world will have to make room for another child. When someone asks about the baby (as still happens), they will likely be referring to the new baby, and not to the almost 2 year old! This brings emotions to the surface for me even as I type this today. How in the world will we have room in our hearts for another child when our love for this child threatens to burst the bounds of our love even now?

Have we learned anything as parents? I hope so, but if we felt inadequate for one child, we feel twice as inadequate for 2 children. We are approaching this second child with some degree of fear and trepidation. Our prayer continues to be that we will continue to be equipped sufficiently for the situation that presents itself.

We are all about to find out. Please join Brown in welcoming his new little sister, Joseay Rebekah, to our family. The adventure continues.

Chris has posted a birth announcement at and we will be continuing to blog about Brown, Joseay, family and life at

This will be our last post at this blog. It's been fun. Thanks for following Brown's life, and we can't wait to share more ridiculous stories about Brown and Joseay on our new family blog.

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