Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One for the road

They are starting one more infusion of antibiotics to run over a half hour and then we are headed home! Jeanie Jung just came in and gave us the boot so after too much paperwork I am sure, we will be sleeping in our own bed tonight.


Matt said...

We've been watching the driveway for signs of you all, hoping and praying that Brown's on the mend. So glad to know he's doing better.

Lindy Weiner said...

Hey guys, I didn't know this was going on-somebody's grandmother forgot to mention!!!!!
I'll be praying for you all. It is always so scary when little ones are sick. Hopefully you are home by now!

krocke said...

So sad to hear that Brown has to go through this! We are praying for the little guy! Hang in there!

Kelly, Dan, and Calvin

Lynné said...

We've been praying (along with our LIFE group)! Hope all is better, with lots of rest for everyone!