Thursday, June 4, 2009

First dates

Chris and I were talking the other night about how when two people first begin to date, there is a freshness there, a newness that permeates the entire relationship.

What is she going to think about this?
How will she look today?
Will she think this joke is funny?
What are her parents like?
I wonder if she likes sports?
Would she rather have chocolate, or ice cream?
Or both!

Whether you are talking about dating relationships or friendships, there is something special about those first few months that may fade after you have learned many of these new surface traits. Finding these things out is exciting and is part of what gives so much energy to the relationship without even very much effort.

I have decided that having and infant / toddler in the house has many similarities. Just when you think you have learned what makes him smile, what he likes to eat, or when he likes to sleep, he goes and changes up the whole routine, not to mention the physical changes and abilities that seem to crop up every day. We were looking at some pictures from just a season ago and there was the picture of Brown without really any hair at all. Was he ever that bald? I don't even recall that. To compare it to a dating relationship (aside from being sort a strange comparison), it is like we are constantly going on a first date.

What will he be like today?
Will he stand up from a sitting position without having to grab hold of the couch today? Yes!!
Will he really eat that fresh bean? Yes!
Will he walk over here and give me kiss on the cheek? Fat chance - too many toys to play with...

As I sit here at the desk and write this, I wonder what is changing about him now. What schemes is he dreaming up that will send his parents into fits of laughter this evening? We will keep you posted.


ellen said...

He looks like such a big boy now - no more baby fat.

Unknown said...

Well... I don't know about the no more baby fat thing. I should send you a picture of his stomach! We were playing with a 5 year old girl last week and she said to her dad, "Daddy, Brown has a big belly."