Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tech and Walking

Well, I guess we can count today as the day when he took his first steps. For some time, he has been taking a step or two as he falls forward, but not really making an attempt at walking. He loves to stand up and sort of cracks himself up when he realizes no one is holding him up. He just sort of smiles really big. Then crumples forward. But today, Chris was holding him up and urging him to walk, and though there were certainly more failed attempts, he for the first time, took two steps and then stopped. He actually had some control. Wow, the Brown is taking steps.

Now you may be asking how I saw this, as from the previous picture, it is evident that he is still down in Baton Rouge with Chris and the Barkers living it up like a Coon A. I happened to be lucky enough talking to Chris over the webcam so I saw it all (at least she tells me this was the first time - he may have been doing it for days for all I know...). She then texted me later in the day to inform me that he took 7 consecutive steps. Hooray for technology. Hooray for walking. Let the chasing of the runaway boy begin. Now if I can figure out how to attach a GPS to him for the next 20 years...

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