Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So his expressions are becoming more varied and more intense. And not always in a good way. If you cross him in any way, he is likely to sit back on one leg, cock his head to the side and give you a stare down. Getting him out of his crib in the mornings and opening the windows seems like a new experience every time. He screams (yes screams) like he has seen the most amazing sight in the world. He gasps at the light switch. He pierces the air with his sharp cry I think just because he can. His vocalizations at the table are protean. He loves to say book and has learned to make this snapping sound with his tongue when he points to a clock since that is the noise we make when we point out the clocks in books. Books, trucks, milk. He likes the k sounds. He smiles playfully and is always glancing back to be sure you are watching him. The personality that we began to see peaking out of the shell months ago is beginning to emerge much more quickly. Not sure if it is a butterfly coming out of the cocoon or a grimy grub. Some of both I suppose.

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