Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Firsts... and Remembering Some Lasts

He finally decided to take a few steps this weekend. At least that is our interpretation of the two steps he took as he fell forward and laughed. In the last few weeks, he has figured out how to stand on his own. He can stand, look around, even twist a bit. But when it comes to taking that first step, he has been fairly hesitant. But this weekend on a couple of occasions, he actually moved his feet somewhat as he was lunging for our outstretched arms. It is exciting and terrifying.

Watching him crawl across the floor has been so cute. He is quite the machine as he motors all over the place. Speeding up when he senses that we have left a door open to some place he is not allowed. Stopping and sitting back on his haunches to sort of gauge the situation and then off he goes on some important errand. As we watched his tail end disappear around the corner, I remarked to Chris that the days of our watching him crawl were numbered – we were about to have a toddler in our house. It made me begin to think of all the things that he has done for the last time. I remember a week or so after he began sleeping through the night actually lamenting the fact that I would never get to feed him a bottle in the middle of the night. As painful as getting up to feed him was, after we settled in, it made for some very sweet moments. We have mixed his bottle for the last time. We have quickly moved through tens of sets of baby clothes as his 30# frame now is in 2T clothes. The baby in our house is about to vanish and be replace by a walking, jabbering boy.

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