Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yes... we are VERY thankful.

Today marks a very special day for us. Thanksgiving Day last year was the first time we talked to Brown's birth mom on the phone. So exactly one year ago is when The Brown Train got rolling. And then it was a high speed down hill ride from there. He's quickly approaching his 1st Birthday. We have already rented 18 ponies and 11 inflatable moonwalks, but we'll probably end up canceling those and just toasting him with a cold glass of milk in his sippy cup and telling him "Happy Birthday. Thanks for being here. You've completely changed our lives and we don't know what we did before you came along. We love your guts. Kind of ridiculously." And then he'll just stare at us and then reach for a cheerio.

Anyway, back to our first Thanksgiving Day today. It's pretty memorable. The 3 of us are stuck at home while Brown enjoys his first ear infection and fights 103 degree fever. He's actually doing MUCH better today and I think his fever is gone. He's asleep right now (as is his daddy who is downstairs in the guest room sawing logs). So our meal today consists of what I made to contribute to the Chaffin Thanskgiving Gathering in Cleveland, TN - mashed potatoes and pumkin pie with homeade whipped cream. And really... what a great meal! Those are always the two things that I go back for seconds and thirds for, so what a bonus to only get to choose between those two things for our Thansgiving meal.

So even though we are very sad not to be spending today with Brown's cousins and great grandparents and grandparents, we definitely have SO MUCH TO BE thankful for this Thanksgiving. I wrote a note to Brown's birthmom this morning to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Wow. What a gift.

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